As I get older I find myself saying… at least a few times a week…that I don’t want to do something but I like the idea of it. As an example last week my neighbors started a line dancing class. At first I was jealous and I said to my husband “ why don’t we ever do anything fun together?” I even said to my friend “wow you are so lucky to be married to someone who wants to do fun things.” But a few days ago my friend called up and  and invited me to go with her and I thought well here’s my chance to do something fun……but the thought of working all day and then getting dressed and driving an hour away and listening to country music,which is not my favorite, sounded like a terrible idea. So…… I stayed home. I really like the idea of line dancing, I just don’t want to really do it. Do you ever feel that way? Oh one last thing I also feel the same way about scuba diving, jumping out of a plane, parasailing and riding in a hot air balloon.